Pangea is debuting a number of new on-site sales procedures that should make it easier for sales teams to introduce their travel offer and inspire their customers to go on a trip.

For Pangea customers this is an awesome solution because they can immediately check and accept the outstanding ViewTravel budget and Travel Itinerary Presentations available through several touchscreen screens spread all over the stores walls.

For the sales teams, this a great way of showing the desired trip or show the budget they have planned to do to their customers, instantly, inspiring new sales, emotions and experiences, easily, quickly and affordably!

With this solution, Pangea now has thousands of official destination videos, including 360º virtual reality videos and thousands of destination photos, constantly available for their customers.

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What do you get with ViewTravel?

Preloaded Videos and Images
More than 25.000 official destination videos, including 360º virtual reality videos, 500.000 hotels, cruises, shipping companies, more than 20.000 destination photos, itinerary maps, the best apps and much more… and this numbers are being updated while you are reading this text.

Personalized Presentation
Customize your Views for each client, adding your corporate brand.

Upload Your Documents, Videos and Images
Submit the online proposal in a personalized way with the addition of videos, images, audio, etc., which in turn inspire strong emotions and experiences.

Add or Select Themes and Apps
ViewTravel provides a considerable number of themes that enhance the user experience and customer engagement. Useful Apps for use before, during and after the trip or event are available by default or may be added or removed from your presentations.

Create a Budget
Easily create and share your business proposals. Thanks to a simple and highly interactive interface preparing and updating a budget it´s as “easy as a pie”.

GDS Integration
Integrate your system with ViewTravel API to seamlessly push your sales data into your ViewTrip account.

Prepare a Digital Tour
Thanks to a simple and very interactive interface, through enhanced images, links to videos and digital files its extremely easy to virtually present your itineraries and travel suggestions, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Location Maps and Itineraries
Integrated geo-location maps and detailed information about the places to visit bring a consolidated view of the tour, without having the need to consult information on multiple non-integrated systems or manage information silos. In single place you have everything you need to manage your trip.

Social Networks Offer Distribution
Create a meaningful experience and then share your offers with your customers through Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, among others.

Quickly Notify Customers
You are able to send a link via email or SMS to their customers, along with the travel budget and additional info relevant for the decision process.


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